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Man Fights Mesothelioma for 20 Years with a Positive Spirit

We recently stumbled onto an inspiring article on Inquisitr.com detailing a man who was “celebrating” his 20 years of living with mesothelioma.  For most Americans with mesothelioma, the life expectancy after diagnosis is between 12 months and 2 years. Most victims are unaware that they have the fatal form of cancer, as symptoms can take decades to show up. However, Australian Paul Kraus has been living with malignant mesothelioma for two decades. According to Insquisitr, Kraus’ previous history may have helped prepare him for bouts of anxiety and pain that he has dealt with since his diagnosis. Kraus was born in a Nazi forced labor camp and survived a trek through Austria earlier in his life before moving to Australia on a refugee ship. “When I was diagnosed, there was no conventional treatment considered curative…I was told to get my affairs in order,” said Paul, according to the website. Paul,…
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Mesothelioma Deaths Continue to Rise

CNN had an alarming report earlier this month indicating that the number of deaths nationally from malignant mesothelioma increased from 2,479 in 1999 to 2,597 in 2015. The data comes from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which the news outlet said is still trying to figure out why asbestos-related medical issues are on the rise despite efforts to reduce exposure. CNN reported the largest increase in the number of deaths was in those over the age of 85, but younger populations are also affected. The CDC indicates that during the time period reported, 16,914 of the deaths were among people 75 to 84 years old, while 682 people between the ages of 25 and 44 died of mesothelioma complications. “Although deaths among persons aged less than 35 years are of concern, we do not have information to understand potential causes,” said Dr. Jacek Mazurek, the author of…
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Is Surgery Beneficial for Mesothelioma Patients?

WebMD.com recently reported that mesothelioma victims, who have surgery that preserves the lung when combined with other forms of therapy, may extend their lives. The report stated that a study of 73 patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma, affecting the lungs’ lining in the chest cavity, lived an average of three years longer if they were treated with lung-sparing surgery and other therapies. The website reported that patients who have the typical standard of care, chemotherapy alone, live an average of 12 to 18 months. However, those who had chemotherapy, along with lung-sparing surgeries and another treatment called photodynamic therapy, lived longer. Those who were tracked that had the surgery between 2005 and 2013 had an average survival time of 35 months.  To read the report, you can click here. Suffering from Mesothelioma Due to Asbestos Exposure? It is a good sign that researchers are attempting to find ways to extend…
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