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Asbestos Warning: Claire’s Pulls Makeup Products

Claire’s has pulled some makeup products off the shelf after they were allegedly found to contain asbestos.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the mother of a child in Rhode Island had her daughter’s makeup sent to an independent lab for testing after becoming suspicious of the contents, which revealed the presence of tremolite asbestos. The affected products allegedly include the Pink Glitter Cellphone Makeup Compact and Bedazzled Rainbow Heart Makeup Set. Claire’s said that it is investigating the products and has hired an independent lab to run an analysis on them. It also said it would refund any concerned consumers and recalled certain products, releasing a list of items that can be found here: http://www.claires.com/us/product-and-safety.html Asbestos Exposure Can Result in Mesothelioma Asbestos exposure is taken seriously by the government and industrial producers because it has been linked to mesothelioma, colon cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer and kidney cancer. It is always shocking to hear…
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Were Nashville Electric Workers Exposed to Asbestos?

A Nashville television station reports that an electric provider allegedly exposed workers to asbestos, resulting in a lawsuit. According to WZTV-TV, the Nashville Electric Service has been sued for allegedly putting workers in harm’s way. Several workers who say that they were exposed to asbestos while performing duties like splicing underground cables have sued the company. The Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration allegedly performed an investigation into exposure claims in 2014, citing Nashville Electric Service for 17 violations for allegedly exposing its workers to harmful products. Violations included, “not providing HEPA vacuums to collect the dust and debris, not providing employees with half-mask air purifying respirators and not instituting an asbestos training program consistent with EPA requirements.” The lawsuit filed by workers seeks damages, as well as compensation for medical costs. It was filed after the TOSHA inspections. Most occupational examiners take asbestos exposure very seriously, as it has…
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Is Naturally Occurring Asbestos a Hazard in Road Construction?

Mesothelioma Attorneys Look at an Unusual Situation When we hear about asbestos in our environment, many of us are understandably worried. It has been drilled into our heads that asbestos, which was once used in building materials, is a terribly dangerous material and we must do everything we can to get it out of our schools, offices and homes. This is all true. Additionally, we must also remember asbestos is not some horrific chemical abomination dreamed up by evil scientists in labs and unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace. Asbestos occurs in nature, with active mines everywhere from Russia to Brazil. Asbestos is identifiable by its long, slim, white fibers, and has desired properties like excellent sound absorption and resistance to fire, heat and chemical damage, as well as being very abundant and affordable. However, asbestos causes respiratory problems like scarred and inflamed lungs and a form of cancer called mesothelioma….
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