City of Austin Workers Exposed to Asbestos

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An alarming report by KXAN-TV in Austin earlier this month suggests that up to 200 city employees may have been exposed to asbestos. Picture of asbestos warning

According to the report, investigations into city records discovered that there were a string of asbestos contaminations dating back nearly two years in multiple departments.

Some Austin Water Utility workers claim they were exposed to asbestos after they were asked to remove ceiling, furniture and sweep at a utility building in 2016. They say they were not given proper equipment to do the cleaning.

“I wore my dust mask for the majority of the day, but I did take it off from time to time during breaks. I guess that doesn’t really matter since they aren’t approved for asbestos,” one employee said, according to KXAN. “By the end of the day, I was drenched in sweat. My jeans and shirt were both dripping and completely covered in dust, dirt and asbestos, apparently.”

Following the television investigation, the city said it would begin a review. KXAN discovered that asbestos contamination incidents occurred with workers in the city’s Aviation Department, Fire Department, Austin Water and Parks and Recreation Department.

In perhaps the largest event, workers may have been exposed to asbestos at the Aviation Maintenance Complex, which is located in an Austin Bergstrom International Airport office building that sits separate from passenger terminals.

KXAN reported that workers were asked to rip out office carpet but management did not submit an asbestos site survey. The city claimed it used a survey from 12 years earlier.  Employees allegedly alerted officials about potential asbestos containing products under floor tiles. The station reportedly obtained an email from a worker about the potential exposure, asking for work to stop. However, it continued.

“The unauthorized work continued, and up to 150 people — including administrators, carpenters and police officers — were potentially exposed,” KXAN reported.

To review the investigative report, you can click on the source link below.

Work-Related Asbestos Exposure Can Result in Mesothelioma

Asbestos exposure is taken seriously by most government agencies because it has been linked to mesothelioma, colon cancer, stomach cancerthroat cancer and kidney cancer. It is always shocking to hear when employees are put at risk by poor employer oversight, errors or a lack of regulation.

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