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Texas Asbestos Exposure Sites

Texas a primary domestic producer of petroleum products. As such, Texas ranks among the most dangerous places in the nation in terms of exposure to asbestos. In addition to currently operating and closed oil refineries like BP Amoco, Chevron, Citgo, ESSO, Exxon, Fina, Gulf, Mobil and Shell, the state is home to several major ports. These ports include ship yards where asbestos is routinely used. Texas is a major energy producer and home to what was the largest aluminum smelter in the nation: Alcoa’s Rockdale Operations. These industries use asbestos extensively. Texas is also proud to be home to several major military bases including Fort Hood and Dyess Air Force Base. Because the military often deals with high temperature processes, there has been a tremendous amount of asbestos exposure. Texas Cities where Asbestos Exposure Occurred Below is a list of cities in the state of Texas where asbestos was known…
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