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Pennsylvania Asbestos Exposure Sites

Places in Pennsylvania where asbestos is known to have been present. Aliquippa Aliquippa and Southern R.R. Aliquippa High School Aliquippa Junior High School Aliquippa Works Crucible Steel Harding Ave. Jr. High School J. B. Veatch Jones and Loughlin Steel Corporation Junior High School Liberty Building & Heating Ltv Steel North Pipe Shop Queen City Cleaners Tin Mill   Allegheny A. and S. Wilson Company Alleghany High School Allegheny City Electric Light Company Allegheny Heating Company America Steel Hoop Company American Locomotive Company American S. and W. Company Baker Chain and Wagon Iron Manufacturing Company Boggs and Buhl Carnegie Steel Company D Lutz and Son Brewing Company D. L. Clark Company Edith Furnace Eleventh Ward School George Hasley and Sons H. J. Heinz and Company Henry Phipps Mutual Training School Imperial Leather Company Independent Brewing Company La Belle Works Marshall Kennedy Company Mckinney Manufacturing Company National Lead and Oil Company Oliver…
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