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Oregon Asbestos Exposure Sites

Places in Oregon where asbestos is known to have been present. Albany Ati Wah Chang Duraflake Company Georgia-Pacific Resin Plant Kraft Paper Mill Oregon Mettalurgical Corp Pulp Mill Stokeley Van Camp Teledyne Wah Chang Wah Chang Corporation Wah-Chang Technical Center Western Kraft Corporation Western Kraft Pulp & Paper Mill Willamete Valley Company Willamette Industries, Inc. Willamette Paper Mill Williamette Industries, Inc. Wood Fiberboard Company   Astoria Astoria Electric Company Astoria High School Astoria Marine Shipyard Clatsop County Fairgrounds Pacific Power and Light Company Tongue Point Naval Shipyard   Bend Bend City Hall Bend Water Light and Power Company Brooks Scanlon Incorporated Brooks Scanlow Inc Brooks Williamette Company Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company Daw Forest Products Sunrise Utility Company Williamette Company   Beaverton Beaverton Vose School Cor Company Duane Christie Realty Office General Supply Company Oak Hills School Saint Marys Academy Tektronic, Inc. Tektronix Electronics Plant Vose School Western Corrugated Inc. Western Kraft…
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