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Louisiana Asbestos Exposure Sites

New Orleans is one of the most productive seaports on the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana is home to a large portion of this country’s capacity to refine oil. Because much of the work involved high temperatures, ship yard workers and those who worked in oil refineries struggle with asbestos exposure and mesothelioma risk. In addition to the state’s eight major power generating plants, Louisiana is the site of several salt mines, like Cargill’s giant operation in Breaux Bridge, which used asbestos in the salt purification process. And, now, after Katrina, we can add first responders to the list of those at risk of contracting toxic cancers like mesothelioma. Police, fire and rescue personnel, along with volunteers, were exposed to asbestos while dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. Many others were exposed while cleaning up debris and rebuilding New Orleans and parishes around southern Louisiana. There were many places where workers…
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