Meet Lawyer Ryan A. Krebs M.D., J.D.

A Lawyer Who Is Also A Doctor

Ryan A. Krebs M.D., J.D.Ryan Krebs, M.D., J.D. believed from early on that his gifts and enjoyment of both law and medicine could be beneficial to those who need someone to help them during times of crisis. His conviction to help those who have been wronged and are in need of justice is particularly strong.

Due to a combination of extensive legal and medical training, Ryan brings something very rare to this group of asbestos attorneys that makes him a valuable and unique asset to any mesothelioma lawsuit.

After graduating from Southwestern Medical School in 1979, Ryan attended the University of Michigan. In 1994, he received his law degree from the University of Texas in Austin.

He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, Milam County Bar Association, Travis County Bar Association, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Ryan is also an active member of his church through which he is involved in ministry to the community and is a strong supporter of missions both in the US and abroad.

The restoration of rights to those who have suffered great personal injury is what Ryan considers to be at the forefront of his mission ideal. From the individual to whole societies, he considers it his duty to be a leader to insure that those who have been stripped of such rights are heard and receive a quick and just response. This strong conviction is what led Ryan to join an asbestos exposure law firm. Ryan, is proud of the firm because it reaches out to clients and their families personally, offering an impressive array of services and experts.

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