$80 Million Settlement Reached in Kansas Courthouse Asbestos Case

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According to the Associated Press, an $80 million settlement was reached at the end of October regarding long-term asbestos exposure that occurred in a Kansas courthouse 30 years ago. Lung Cancer Due to Asbestos Exposure

The source reported that the settlement was reached in the class action lawsuit involving the Jackson County Courthouse shortly before it was supposed to go to trial. The county allegedly reached the agreement with Kansas City-based U.S. Engineering, which removed the asbestos from the courthouse from 1983 to 1985.

The settlement money will be used to pay for diagnostic tests for people exposed to the asbestos during their time at the courthouse. Those exposed and eligible for testing include county employees, jurors, jail inmates and attorneys. It is estimated that this could include as many as 7,500 people.

According to the AP, people who spent 80 hours in any one year at the courthouse while renovations were occurring will get free health screenings every five years. In addition to those who were present while the work was taking place, people who were in the courthouse for at least 80 hours per year after the work was done (1986 to 2007), will get free screening every five years.

The news comes after a woman died in 2010 from complications after inhaling asbestos fibers at the courthouse where she was employed while the renovations were taking place. Keep in mind, asbestos exposure is directly linked to mesothelioma, colon cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer and kidney cancer.

Exposed to Asbestos at Work?

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