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When School’s Out, Asbestos Removal Increases

As we discussed in a blog post last year, asbestos exposure still remains a hazard at many school district campuses across the country.  Many campuses feature asbestos-containing molding, tiling and insulation despite decades of regulations in place for removal. To read a detailed report about asbestos in schools, you can click the source link below, which will redirect you to an Environmental Working Group website. Sadly, although laws like the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, or AHERA, exist to regulate asbestos in public spaces like schools, agencies like the EPA are hamstrung to enforce laws due to budgeting and loopholes, allowing state agencies to apply for waivers when it comes to asbestos abatement. This can lead to contractors or school maintenance workers unknowingly being exposed to asbestos during abatement work. If you are working on demolition or cleanup projects for a school district this summer, it may be in your…
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