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Asbestos Wallboard Products Victim Awarded $8.75 Million

The Associated Press reports that an Oregon jury has awarded a man $8.75 million after he developed mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure in the 1970s. According to the news outlet, David Hoff, a former construction worker, contracted the incurable form of cancer after working with wallboard products, as particles from the products became airborne when they were sanded down at jobsites. Sadly, Hoff is only expected to live another year and a half. Hoff and his wife sued Kaiser Gypsum, the manufacturer of the wallboard products, which stopped making the materials in 1975. During the trial, Hoff was able to prove that the company knew about the dangers associated with the products as early as 1975. The jury awarded Hoff $750,000 for medical expenses, $4 million for pain and suffering, as well as $4 million to his wife. The verdict came down in May. I Have Mesothelioma. Can I Sue…
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