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Colon Cancer Due to Occupational Asbestos Exposure

Does asbestos cause colon cancer?  Many people call our office with this question.  They know that mesothelioma is amongst the most common types of cancers as a result of asbestos exposure.  In fact, mesothelioma is even referred to as “asbestos cancer” as it’s only known cause is asbestos exposure.  Many callers also know that lung cancer is a very common type of cancer that can be caused in part by asbestos exposure.  Indeed, it is estimated that occupational asbestos exposure has led to 5-7% of the lung cancer cases in the United States. But many potential clients simply do not realize that asbestos exposure can also cause colon or colorectal cancer. This type of tumor is a gastrointestinal cancer that causes cancer of the large intestine or rectum and it is one of the most common forms of cancer in the country.  It is estimated that deaths due to colon…
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Asbestos Diseases and Aluminum Workers

The first aluminum was manufactured in France in the 19th century. It was so rare and highly prized that Napoleon III served his most honored guests using aluminum utensils. Aluminum was so rare and expensive it was even chosen as the capstone for the Washington Monument when it was completed in 1884. In 1888, the technology to manufacture aluminum was first brought to the United States. The process used to mass manufacture aluminum required extreme heat to create the molten metal.  Thus almost immediately a key concern in manufacturing aluminum was how to insulate various components of the manufacturing process. Asbestos is probably the world’s finest heat insulator. It is a naturally-occurring mineral and had been mined for centuries.  Unfortunately, it’s health effects were not yet appreciated fully. Asbestos miners in the ancient world did develop lung diseases. Because many of these miners were slaves (for example in the Roman…
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Did a Yellowstone Worker Lose His Job Over Asbestos Exposure Claims?

Alarmingly, according to the Washington Post, a maintenance worker from Yellowstone National Park claims that he faced retaliation after he reported that he was exposed to asbestos while working at a lodge. According to the news outlet, the man said that he began receiving poor performance reviews and his employer, Xanterra Parks & Resort, a concession company, failed to renew his contract after he reported to government officials that he and five other employees were exposed to asbestos in 2015. Jon Kline has filed an employee retaliation claim against Xanterra, which is still pending. “We were just told, ‘It’s safe, don’t worry about it,’” Kline said about his asbestos exposure at the Old Faithful Inn, according to the Post. “It was pretty egregious, in my opinion.” After Kline reported the conditions, four workplace safety citations were leveled against Xanterra, which paid $15,300 in fines, according to the Post. Investigators discovered…
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